#3 Pinterest


This week was digital exploration at its finest, who knew it could be so fun and consuming. I had to design a Pinterest site based around the types of digital information we may encounter. If Pinterest is something you have not engaged with or experienced, I strongly suggest you spend some time exploring it. Check out my Pinterest site here http://www.pinterest.com/mandykersley/digital-information/ This type of visual learning is right up my alley, relating pictures, photos, graphs with a topic to help grasp the concept and understanding. Bye Bye textbooks, digital devices are creating a new way of educating and the world seems to be embracing it head on. 

Having also had to mark two of my peers Pinterest sites with the provided marking rubric turned the task into a reality check. It helped me realise that marking can be quite challenging in the sense that as a human being, you do not want to crush someone’s efforts so using carefully selected wording in the small comment box was imperative and selecting which column grade was most suited isn’t easy as they can be so similar, sometimes only being different by one word! Biting the bullet… I had a go. I hope to become increasingly confident through my studies with marking and using rubrics as this will be a major part of my future career as a teacher.

On another note….I am not technology, but I can and will be able to use it to it’s full potential..someday. I will not be replaced.Image