#6 Lifelong Learning


Lifelong learning to me is learning that continues throughout someone’s whole life, not ending at school. Often the saying “You learn something new every day” is heard and I couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s something learnt through study or work or through an experience, we never stop learning, it helps us become knowledgeable and skilful and shapes who we are.

McCombs (1991) states that “Promoting lifelong learning has received increased attention recently from the educational and business communities. Scholars and trend forecasters, looking toward the needs of the 21st century, have reached nearly unanimous agreement about the importance of a constantly improving and technologically competent workforce that can compete in global markets. There is also general agreement about the importance of various attitudes or motivations as underlying lifelong learning in general and in particular technical fields”. This reinforces that fact that lifelong learning is a hot topic and the reason why governments are incorporating into curriculums that teachers are encouraging and reinforcing this to students through what they are teaching and how they are teaching it.

I believe lifelong learning should be discussed with students and students should be encouraged to learn beyond the school gates. Whether it be furthering their knowledge on a certain classroom topic or learning about something of personal interest, the simple skill of being able to self-teach would be of great advantage in today’s ever-changing world.

How would I motivate students to do this? How could I as a teacher support this through the way I teach? Being a lifelong learner myself and being a role model to my students I feel would be a great start. And involving students in how they learn I think would provide them with motivation and support the skills needed to be lifelong learners.



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