Lesson Plan

 Lesson Plan

Creating a Wordle

Time: 55 minutes

Learning area(s): English; Literacy; ICT

Year: 3

Learning objectives

Students will have constructed a visual word display using Wordle software to represent their chosen topic. Through the process of planning, brainstorming and composing their Wordle, students will have a graphic to share with the teacher and class. Students will also have printed their Wordle to take home and show their parents. Students build on their skills of creating texts to present to different audiences by using digital technologies. Student’s will also have an understanding

Curriculum links

Use software including word processing programs with growing speed and efficiency to construct and edit texts featuring visual, print and audio elements (ACELY1685)

Using features of relevant technologies (Wordle) to plan, sequence, compose and edit multimodal texts


Prior knowledge

Students will have prior word knowledge, as well as knowledge and basic skills in managing, operating and creating with ICT. Students previously have been Introduced to the Wordle program and the ideas around the concept as well as knowledge of word processing, copy and paste.

This lesson is Part 2 of a 5 lesson plan which introduces English literacy using different methods and letting students create text building speed and efficiency featuring and using different elements and modes.



– Computers with internet access and pre downloaded with free Wordle program

– Paper handout of Wordle example pictures

– Whiteboard with instructions & topics on it for reference



Students will be divided into groups of two by teacher. Students are given example handout by teacher and allocated time to discuss with partner and decide on topic. Groups are allocated to their computers and asked to create a Wordle using their topic and building words representing, associated with or to describe the topic using a minimum of 20 words and no more than 50. Students will then save and print their Wordle ready for presentation to the class and to take home to parents. The three best Wordle displays as chosen by the teacher, will receive a 20 minute free play with the Wordle program at the end of the week.


Body of the lesson

T: Writes on whiteboard the list of topics for groups to choose from including:

1. Name e.g (Josh & Jenny)

2. Town e.g (Tamworth)

3. Sport e.g (Cricket, Tennis, soccer)

Hands out Wordle examples handout, discussing the outcome of the lesson and rewards for most creative and well-presented Wordle.

S: Will use 5 minutes to partner up and decide on a topic and brainstorm ideas.

T: Allocates students to computers and guide them to use a word doc to type words separated by commas to build a base of words around their topic to be copy pasted into Wordle program.

S: Spend 25-30 minutes creating wordle changing font, layout and colour to create eye catching wordle.

T: Instructs students to finalise and print their wordle.

S: Print wordle and sit on floor together and take in group turns to get up and show class and describe their wordle image and reflect on task in 2 minutes e.g. This is our wordle, some of the words we chose were…because…

T: ensures students each have a turn at speaking and keep within required time limits and records those who haven’t spoken (if any) to do so in the next lesson and evaluates participation levels, students whose wordle stood out, improvement areas, level of interest and participation and skills shown throughout lesson re: word doc, wordle, spelling, word association, oral presentation skills and creativity.


Concluding the lesson

As students close documents and programs and shut down computers and pack up their work areas, the teacher will select 3 of the best wordle’s and place the group names on the ‘rewards board’ as well as providing positive and constructive feedback to the class as a whole. Giving students time to ask any questions at the end of the lesson.


Evaluation/Follow up

The lesson will be successful upon seeing whole class motivation toward and during activity and the production of wordle’s meeting and exceeding expectation. Student’s would reflect and discuss on their topics and be excited to present. Homework could link to the lesson by asking students to think of 5 words to add to another groups wordle on a topic different to one previously chosen and record this in their reflective journal.





ACARA Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. (2014). English, Foundation to year 10 curriculum. Retrieved from: http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/english/Curriculum/F-10

Jonathan Feinberg (2013). http://www.wordle.net/create




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