Feedback Rubric & Response

Mandy Feedback Rubric

My Response to feedback
Do you agree with the feedback? Unfortunately the feedback I received was limited to one sentence which I felt was not very helpful. I did agree with the comment that my blog was very informative. I am happy that I got the information I wanted across to my audience and that there was no obvious areas to improve on.
Is there anything you disagree with in the feedback? I disagree with the feedback in the comment regarding the length of my blog being too long as I feel I have kept within the required word limits well, averaging my weekly posts to no more than 200 words, giving an approximate 1200 word length.
What changes did you make based on the feedback? Based on the limited feedback I received I had to go over my blog and try to see It from another’s perspective, this helped me to tweak some spelling and grammar errors and adjust colour choices.

Feedback Process
Was it valuable? I believe that the feedback I received was not valuable as my group was made up of only two people and the feedback was very limited, not giving me any insight on areas I could improve on. This could be seen as an unfair advantage where other groups received full and detailed responses by two others.

What would you improve about it next time? Next time I feel that the feedback given needs to have a expected word limit, e.g. more than one sentence and students should be required to comment on areas specifically such as spelling/grammar, referencing, appearance and creativity etc.

Would you participate in this process again? Yes I would, I do think feedback is an essential part of learning when done correctly and taken seriously.


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