#1 Digital Security

Digital lock
After this week’s topic on ‘digital security’ and the hot topics associated with it such as cyber bullying, scams, identity theft and Facebook, my outlook and awareness on digital security awareness was enlightened. It is evident that digital security awareness in young people needs attention, here is a short video including a few great tips for kids and teens who are using online devices http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrln8nyVBLU
This video states that the top passwords used in 2012 were ‘password’ and ‘123456’(Watchwellcast, 2013). It would be interesting to know the age groups that these unsafe passwords were used by and if the reason behind their use was because they don’t realise the importance of password protection, or that they just didn’t care.

This topic motivated me to research my privacy settings and see how private my digital identity was, or wasn’t. After making a few adjustments, I now feel more at ease. As the digital revolution changes rapidly, so should our upkeep on security to our digital devices. Digital security can often be overwhelming for the average user, this is why its importance should be prioritised by educators to teach learners the how-to’s and why’s to ensure not only digital identity safety but personal safety as well.


Watchwellcast (2013). Safe Surfing: Top tips for kids and teens online. Retrieved from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrln8nyVBLU. YouTube.